Rhizome Ltd is a consultancy firm active since 2008. It offers strategic counsel and turnkey solutions to clients interested in making their businesses more sustainable. It is through innovative ideas that Rhizome helps market players to grow while respecting the environment, climate and society

Rhizome, catalyst for innovation:

- Through the development of new business models, Rhizome “rethinks” tomorrow’s business world together with its academic and corporate clients so as to create a competitive edge in today’s market place;

- These new approaches to business add value in sectors ranging from energy, water, transportation, construction and agriculture via best practice implementation, proper corporate communication and earnest will to include stakeholders in all critical business development stages;

- In order to achieve this, Rhizome stays tuned and aware of the developments and trends of the new sustainable economy. The core of that research is woven together and shared with clients interested to keep up with sustainable innovation. Targeted clients, amongst others, are: companies, international organisations, civil services, universities, financial institutions, NGOs and medias.